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We are happy and proud to announce a new Partner Team: the Team Jogging Lux.

Thanks for their trust, the entire Nutri-bay team is ready to work together to align their training and nutrition strategies.

Nice prospects with these cool and motivated 5 boys ;-)


Find out about the members of this team that we will support.

Simon Semes:

"My initial sport is the cycling that I practiced during 8 years in competition.I decided afterwards to move towards running which quickly became my main sport.Personal record on 10km in 34min37 and 1h14'24 '' on 20km Since 1 year, I took a taste of triathlon where I intend to invest more.

Nicolas Turnip:

"I've always been passionate about sports, I started with football, then with my endurance skills, I turned quite quickly towards running via the free gaits of Gaume and then the athletics club of the acdampicourt in the categories. of age with the half-breed and the cross-country in the winter.After a knee growth problem, I turn to the bike and the races of the Ardenne Gaume with Team Liégeois.I come back to my passion for running after my studies of physio with a certain success: victory in the cross provincials, triple winner of the semi Beckerich, double winner of 20km Marche en Famenne Current leader of the provisional general classification challenge Delhalle, I intend to consolidate my position with the 2 coming soon, full of upcoming projects for the next few years, my thirst for discovery, surpassing and my spirit of competition are heading towards an 2019 duathlon project combined with a ma autumn rally All in the Team Jogging Lux created in a spirit of camaraderie and sport friendship."


Malory Boland:

"I started the sport very young (swimming, judo, athletics) to finally find the tennis that I practiced for 10 years.I started running about 5 years ago with my brother-in-law ( Nicolas Navet) who made me evolve with his training plans, I am already happy with my career, I have run a few 20 km, a semi and a marathon in Amsterdam. crossfit since 2ans and a half in Rochefort One week tip for me is 3 3 and XNUMX crossfit training The combination of these two sports allows me to be a complete athlete, I work my cardio in the race and everything which is muscle strengthening, crossfit sheathing My next goals are competitions in crossfit and reiterate the experience of a marathon. "

Arnaud Goffinet:

"I am 25 years old, I started the sport at a very young age with football and then I went to track and field, I won the sporting merit of my commune thanks to some results in junior categories, especially in the cross provincial, in the Gaume Allures free or in more official races like the 20km Brussels.This is 2ans that I head more towards the triathlon for the variety it offers in its training.My future goals are focused mainly in this discipline especially with the preparation for an Ironman in 2020 "

Tristan Carnevali: "I'm looking for the run and bike competitions, Gaume's free pace and I'm also going into triathlon with this year the X-Terra in Longemer and the one in St-Léger coming in September" uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Please accept cookies to continue exploring our site
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