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pickup icon, Sponsor of Raphael Amato & Sophie Drofiak on the "Ötillö": world championship of "swimrun"

We are pleased (and proud) to present to you a new couple of Ambassadors: Raphaël Amato & Sophie Drofiak. becomes Sponsor of "Team Smart Athlete", a mixed team that has been progressing since 2015 in the swimrun discipline. See instead ...
  • 2 victories at the Amphiman (Belgian swimrun) in 2015 & in 2017 (2nd in 2018)
  • Ötillö World Series 1000 Lakes - Germany (2016): 4e and qualification for the 2017 World Championship
  • Ötillö World Isles of Scilly Series - UK (2018): 4e and qualification for the 2018 World Championship
  • Ötillö World Serie Engadin - Switzerland (2018): 6e
  • Raphael is currently ranked 18e in the world ranking, having won the Autheman (French swimrun) with a duo man the 1er last July.
Welcome to them, our team will be available to support them in their goals 2018 and 2019.
They will be in Sweden the 3 next September with the goal to finish this legendary Ötillö and this, in the best possible place.
In addition to the sporty side, they are preparing to live an extraordinary human adventure. Indeed, it will be for them to help each other and support for almost 10 hours of one of the most difficult races in the world. These are the values ​​embodied by the Ötillö.

In short, everything to please us ... discover their profiles too.
A few details about their passion and their career ...


What is the "swimrun" ?

 The "swimrun" is an outdoor sport that comes from Sweden. It combines swimming in open water and trail running. Unlike triathlon, it is practiced in pairs and is not limited to a single sequence of disciplines. Indeed, you have to run, swim, re-run, re-swim and so on ... No question of changing equipment, the "swimrunners" swim with their sneakers and run in combination.

 The swimrun, even though it is becoming more and more popular, is considered an extreme sport. Indeed, the world championship consists of 10 km swimming and 65 km running through the Stockholm Archipelago. The weather conditions are not often mild. The "Ötillö" (meaning "island hopping" in Swedish) is considered one of the most difficult races in the world. Few athletes have the opportunity to participate because the conditions are strict: it must be ranked among the best in a qualifying round (World Series).


 Raphaël, 31 years old, a police officer by profession (dog handler at the Comines-Warneton Police Zone) is an endurance racing enthusiast and a fierce competitor. He knows how to constantly push his limits. He practices high level triathlon. He has 4 participations in the world triathlon championship to his name. His best result was 13e in Canada in 2014. Recently ranked 17e at the European Police Triathlon Championship.

 Sophie, 28, is a physiotherapist for the group Hopale in Bailleul. 2016 was her best "triathletic" season with 3 Regional Champion titles and a first World Triathlon Championship qualification. She ranked 40e in Australia. Also very competitive, it places however all its confidence in Raphael for the management of the tests. uses cookies to provide the best user experience. Please accept cookies to continue exploring our site
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