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The nutritional protocol for the Ironman European Championships, by Dylan Magnien

The nutritional protocol of our ambassador Dylan Magnien for the European Ironman Championships 🏊🚴🏃‍♂️

➡️ From Thursday to Saturday:

👉 Malto Apurna peach flavor

➡️ Sunday:

👉 Rice / Ham 3 hours before the race
👉 Clif bar cut in 3 for setting at 1h30 / 1h / 30 min before departure.
👉 Gel Maurten 10 min before departure

➡️ On the bike 🚴:

👉 2,3 liters of Maurten 320 drink then completely water in the ravito
👉 1/2 Clif bar every 30 min (start after 1 hour of effort and end 45 min before running)
👉 1 Maurten gel at the start of the bike and 1 gel 10 minutes from the end of the bike.

➡️ Running 🏃♂️:

👉 3 Clif Blocks candies at the start of the run then 3 candies every 5 km until the 25th kilometer
👉 Gel Maurten 100 CAF 100 at the 30th km and 35th km.

Congratulations again to Dylan Magnien for his performances ... first top 10 at the Ironman in Frankfurt in 8:23:45 👏🙌

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