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The energy strategy for effort during Race Across Belgium, by Guillaume Klein

???? ???? The energy strategy in the effort of our ambassador, Guillaume Klein during the Race Across Belgium (More information on this ultra-cycling challenge) 🇧🇪(I.e.
👉 352kms and 5700d +
👉 Race time: 14:30 p.m.
➡️ A rule to be observed in the choice of food intake:
👉 Healthy products with the simplest and most natural ingredients possible
➡️ Goals :
👉 Optimizing the functioning of the organization
👉 Promote digestive comfort
For this type of ultra-distance effort, it is imperative to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, in order to have diffused and progressive energy.
It is preferable to switch to energy products richer in protein and quality fats, while promoting intake of sugars with a moderate glycemic index.
The additional constraint is food autonomy, because there is no refueling organized by the event, it is therefore necessary to focus on calorie-dense products, and possibly make stops on the road in the various shops.
✅ Energy bars:
👉 Baouw (Buckwheat-Cashew-Olive / Protein Pumpkin seeds-Apricot-Rosemary)
👉 Paleo Crunch (Energy Bar / Protein Bar)
👉 Atlet (Salted Cashew-Pistachio / Almond)
👉 Silvain (The enduring salty)
👉 Coup d'Barre (Cocoa-Hazelnuts / Cranberries-Almonds)
👉 Powerbar (Real 5 Vegan Energy Bar)
✅ Energy puree:
👉 Atlet BIO (Butternut-Sweet Potato-Almond)
✅ Other food intake:
👉 Banana
👉 Personal preparation (Crepe made from organic Nutripure sweet potato flour)
✅ Energy drink :
👉 Meltonic (BIO antioxidant)
👉 1Defy (Organic Maltodextrin Cassava)
✅ Electrolyte tablet:
👉 High 5 (Zero Protect Orange-Echinacea)
✅ Bcaa:
👉 Nutripure (Natural Vegan 2.1.1 powder)
All the products mentioned can be found on my partner's website, except 1Defy (Organic Maltodextrin Cassava) and Nutripure (Natural Vegan 2.1.1 powder).
(I.e. Practicalities (I.e.
My departure was given at 07:32, I had a usual breakfast before the race around 05:XNUMX.
For food intake I had enough with me to last 15h, I alternated the different energy products to vary the tastes and the contributions in terms of sweet and savory, with a regular intake every 30min after 2 hours of running .
As a “protein snack”, at 12pm I ate my first pancake, a second at 16pm and a last at 19pm.
I also split a banana into 2 catches in the afternoon.
For hydration, a small frequent contribution throughout the effort, alternating with a gourd (water + electrolyte tablet) and a gourd (water + energy powder + Bcaa).
The energy strategy I used gives an example of what can be achieved over a long period of effort.
However, each person has their own mode of operation, and it is necessary to individualize them in a specific way, in order to benefit from beneficial effects on energy efficiency and digestive comfort during exercise.
Finally, we must not forget that it is first and foremost the daily food balance that will allow the foundations of energy and assimilation to be laid.


This content was published by our Ambassador Guillaume Klein (Personal Coach Expert in sports nutrition and health / Ultra endurance specialist)

  • Nutriformation graduate specializing in micronutrition and nutritherapy
  • Trained in sports nutrition by the Evonutri Positive Nutrition Academy
  • Ultra Trail coach trained by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Athletics League
  • Dietitian nutritionist FC Metz professional group (since 2018)
  • Dietitian nutritionist FC Metz training center (since 2019)
  • Creator of the EPIC® method

Passionate about sport, and ultra endurance athlete in running and ultra cycling, Guillaume was able to test on himself the benefits of a natural nutritional balance, appropriate to his real needs, and of a specific adapted training. Guillaume appreciates quality products which respect the nutritional needs of the athlete, but also from a health point of view, a composition as natural as possible.

You too can take advantage of his advice and find all our products on this site

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