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Innerme - a sporty and healthy diet

Innerme is more than just food, it's a way of life. Pure strength, incredible energy and vitality are born from this carefully researched selection of natural foods in bars, gel and drink. In three words: simple, honest and pure.


👉 Iron man:

Dirk Baelus, nicknamed the iron man, is an outstanding athlete who goes through training and high-level performances. He is also the founder of Innerme. But his journey was not as easy as it may seem. Indeed, from an early age, Dirk is often ill, and his work leaves traces on his health. He goes on long nights, develops an unhealthy lifestyle, and smokes and drinks to excess. And then, a click will come pushing him towards a sporting, healthy and pure life. 

Passionate about football, Dirk unfortunately had to stop his career in 2004 due to a serious injury. He therefore decides to throw himself headlong into the triathlon. Despite the physical complexity of this sport, Dirk does not give up because he feels how much this sport gives him confidence, to a level never before felt, and continues his learning, even if the results are not the best ... He therefore decided to join the Triamo triathlon club in 2006, when he closed his café. 

While doing odd jobs, Dirk devotes himself completely to triathlon and it is from his love for this sport that his new passion for clean and natural food is born. In addition, classic sports nutrition is not suitable for Dirk. He tested different diets, devoured books and, in doing so, discovered the restorative effect of natural and plant-based food on his body and mind. He is showing more and more vitality and energy, and since January 2007 he has been eating 100 percent natural, balanced meals made with pure, plant (or vegan) ingredients.

From 2009, he also obtained superb sporting results in triathlons and he participated for the first time in the Ironman of Hawaii, where he finished 52e of his age group. He now dreams of creating his own brand of sports nutrition and transforming his balanced meals into compact foods to eat on the bike or on the road. From setback to success, he developed the most natural sports nutrition. Its first sports bar was marketed in January 2012 under the Innerme Pure Power brand. His company was taken over in September 2014 by Oce Bio, a subsidiary of Omega Pharma, but Dirk remains the face of the sports food brand, which also offers gels and sports drinks. After 2 years and a month Dirk took over Innerme. The brand had indeed been somewhat forgotten at Omega Pharma after the departure of Marc Coucke following the takeover by the American group Perrigo. For now, Dirk's priority is to continue developing his brand.


👉 Products:

Innerme products are based on pure, powerful and organic ingredients. They contain no refined sugar or lactose and use only gluten-free (or low-gluten) ingredients. In addition, preservatives, dyes and other animal products are kept away, for 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Innerme bars, gels and drinks give you the perfect dose of energy for your activity, without your body feeling the slightest discomfort. So you can concentrate on your surroundings even better! 


👉 Kim Clijsters

In 2019, one of the Belgian tennis icon decided to join the company. This is Kim Clijsters. With her 4 Grand Slam victories, the former world number 1 is a brand muse for Innerme. Kim's knowledge and experience can only be of benefit to the brand in the years to come ... 


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