Chocolate: the athlete's happiness partner?

He unleashes passions for a long time. Let's take a look around, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate. We will then see its nutritive contributions and its possible addictive properties.

From the discovery of cocoa to delicious dark chocolate

The culture of cocoa is ancestral: the oldest traces of cocoa culture that have been found date back to more than four millennia. Different civilizations cultivated a rather intimate relationship with cocoa, called "food of the gods." ". In some cultures, such as among the Mayans, cocoa was consumed during religious ceremonies. Others had a more pragmatic relationship with him: among the Aztecs cocoa was a commodity and his seeds were often used as currency.

But if our ancestors were fans of cocoa, it is mostly chocolate that interests us. It is a mixture of dough and cocoa butter and sugar, in varying proportions. The cocoa bean is roasted and crushed to a liquid cocoa mass; the fat is extracted and constitutes cocoa butter. So, not all chocolates are equal and also concentrated in cocoa. For the understanding of the article, we will focus on black, the most concentrated in cocoa, the only real chocolate for purists.

Source of vitamins and minerals

chocolate - nutrients

Chocolate brings together a vast reality. Between white that is a preparation made of cocoa butter and which is not composed of cocoa and black, which contains at least 35% there is a world. The breakdown between carbohydrates and lipids varies massively depending on the type of chocolate : the less cocoa, the more sugar or fat. So that the article remains simple and digestible, all the nutritional information analyzed will be based on a 100g dark chocolate tablet 70% minimum.

Chocolate contains flavonoids in good quantity: they possess a great antioxidant and antiallergic capacity and the studies agree about their beneficial effects on the cardiovascular diseases.

It also contains theobromine, which is also found in Guarana. This is what gives it its effects of gentle stimulant and which will be at the origin of the positive impact of chocolate on mood. It's also theobromine that makes chocolate toxic in large quantities for some animals Do not let your chichuhua hang out next to your black dessert 99%!

chocolate - minerals

Like quinoa, chocolate is rich in minerals. It's a good source of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper.

Finally, if chocolate is good for your health, it is also for its substantial and varied contributions in vitamins which the following table gives you an overview.

chocolate - vitamins

Sports fuel

Thanks to its stimulating properties and the carbohydrates it contains, chocolate can be an interesting food to eat before or during the effort. Its varied nutrients make it a food of choice for a sportsman. It is important to pay attention to the cocoa content of the chocolate consumed and prefer strong blacks to cocoa. Milk chocolate, with its higher carbohydrate intake, can be interesting after exercise to restore the reserves. However, remember to accompany it with slow sugars. Studies concerning its effects before and after exercise in athletes are numerous but quite unreliable. The benefits are varied, we especially note that a consumption of dark chocolate about two hours before the effort would protect the muscles in reducing the risk of cramps.

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A last little square?

Is it a drug? The question may surprise but it is very serious. So, chocolate is with cannabis the only known natural source of Anandamide. It binds and activates cannabinoid receptors just like THC. This neurotransmitter is involved in many metabolic processes: modulation of memory (hippocampus), modulation of emotions (amygdala), modulation of motor activity (basal ganglia), central analgesia (rhombencephalon), potential roles in habituation , cognition and the reward system (controlling food intake and addiction phenomena).

Anandamide also plays a role in the regulation of eating behavior and the neural generation of motivation and pleasure. So it would seem that eating chocolate increases the response to the pleasure of sweet foods ... Making us more sensitive to his own sweetness.

Basically, chocolate is so good that we are willingly addicted!

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