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Black Friday or Not Black Friday ???


Many of you are wondering when Black Friday starts on

At you are treated all year ... no need to wait for Fridays or Mondays. or 11.11, .... once a year .

In addition to a more than reasonable price policy, every day we accompany you with:

- our brand selection and only products that we know the protocol of use .... to share them with you
- personalized advice and when possible synchronized with your coaches
- product tests offered,
- research on very specific products or protocols at your request
- bibs, codes and gift certificates offered throughout the year
- sometimes epic deliveries (because you forgot your freezes and the race starts tomorrow),
- support to your associations, events, clubs ...
and many other activities that bring us closer to you, your needs and your passions.

We progress each day thanks to the richness of our relationships .... to understand you and serve you in a personalized way.

Above all, we want to share emotions, commitment, experience, education, well-being ... to make you successful and autonomous in your sports nutrition strategies.

You are not order numbers .... and we are 2 real people passionate and available ... not artificial intelligence or automated procedures.

It is for all this that we will remain primarily a convenience store and do not seek to enter the destructive game of giants of distance selling.
We prefer to offer you to create value ... together 😉

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify that.
Jean-Charles and Shak

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