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Baouw: the new Banana - Kiwi - Vanilla energy compote! History of the creation of a compote.

Baouw: the new Banana - Kiwi - Vanilla energy compote!

Extract from the Baouw website -

Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla… a new organic energy compote, with the name of the summer hit but above all the taste of the recipe of the year. A small bomb of naturalness, flavors and nutritional benefits, this new purée completes the range that has so appealed to trail runners, runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts looking for healthy products, without preservatives or additives. The trio becomes a quartet! Coming from the pots of chef Yoann Conte's two-starred cuisine and Benoit Nave's notebooks, the Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla compote is a summary of BAOUW's know-how and values.
The first quoted tells us the story of its creation while the second dissects its nutritional benefits during exercise. Story!  
“The Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla compote is a summary of our know-how and our values. »

The banana, the "sports fruit" par excellence

The banana is the "fruit of the sportsman" par excellence. We also challenge you to find us a race that does not offer any on its supplies! Appreciated for its taste and its nutritional virtues, its only problem lies in its practicality. Difficult to put it in the pocket of your cycling jersey, in your running belt or in your trail bag, without it crashing. Always attentive to our Baouwers, so we did a prospective study on the revenue they were expecting, and from local races to legendary events, the energetic banana-based compote came back like a chorus.

"So we did a prospective study on the recipes that our Baouwers were waiting for: the banana came back like a chorus!"


A puree that looks like us...

If some swing the sauce, we had to send the mash. And that we make this mashed potatoes with our sauce. Once the will is acted upon, we wanted a compote that looks like us. Gilles Galoux, one of our co-founders reminds us: "It's in our DNA to offer a healthy, creative and surprising alternative in this somewhat predictable and industrial world of sports nutrition. At Baouw, our vision is to push the boundaries of the conventional by offering a range of responsible and daring choices for enthusiasts. Always respecting the nutritional quality of the foods necessary for the effort. This is why Yoann Conte, our starred chef, and Benoit Nave, our expert nutritionist, work together. » 
Gilles remembers this spring of 2019 and invites us into the bowels of the starred restaurant of his associate with the white toque, on the shores of Lake Annecy: "This Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla recipe was proposed by Yoann and Benoit at the same time than the other three. You have to be aware it's really about cooking. We are there, gathered around the pan, and we taste as we go… We adjust… A hint of olive oil… A little more banana, less vanilla… The creation was directly unanimous. But we kept it in the boxes before taking it out, to see how our purées would be received. We can say that we were not disappointed! »
"We are there, gathered around Yoann's saucepan, and we taste as we go... We adjust..."
Banana energy compoteI discover the energetic Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla COMPOTE
New Baouw recipe, a small bomb of nature, flavors and nutritional contributions.

YOANN CONTE: “Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla: this recipe owes nothing to chance, it has a story…”

Like all our new recipes, this one has a story. And who better than Yoann Conte, our two-star chef in the Michelin Guide, to tell you about it? The native Breton, from Annecy at heart, recently rewarded by the famous Gault & Millau guide since he will be the only chef to enter the very closed circle of tables honored with 5 toques in 2022, specifies: "I defend a raw and sensitive cuisine. Sensitivity to the sense that each recipe must come from somewhere and tell something. » 
“Each recipe must come from somewhere and tell something”
Some slip on a banana peel, others surf on it. Always precise and methodical, Yoann details the harmony and consistency of this signature recipe in 4 points: 
1/ “These exotic fruits grow and live together in the same place. They thrive in the same tropical climate. Inevitably, this gives them a natural complicity linked to their native land » 
2/ “These fruits have a complementary texture : the banana, slightly sweet and thick, goes perfectly with the kiwi, which subtly liquefies and tangles the mixture, bringing it the necessary freshness. »
3/ “ Vanilla is a magic ingredient ! It has that little taste of Proust's madeleine that instantly reminds me of childhood… One of the first things you learn in the kitchen is how to make custard! But what is custard? Milk, eggs and a little vanilla, for the magic! It works a bit the same way with the banana, which brings me back to the memory of my life in the United States: over there, many people opt for mixed fruit smoothies, mainly banana-based, as a breakfast. »
4/ “Finally, the kiwi is present for balance. The banana oxidizes and turns brown if vitamin C, which is very rich in antioxidants, is not added. The kiwi, much richer in vitamin C than the orange, brings this overall harmony. » 

BENOIT NAVE: "This recipe has a history but also great nutritional virtues during exercise..." 

Acclaimed by our panel of testers for its taste, our new organic compote is also popular for its very targeted and adapted energy contributions. Benoit Nave, our expert nutritionist, dissects the singular benefits linked to the combination of these three ingredients, in a raw way, without additives, without preservatives, or any other chemical substance that may alter its naturalness: 
1/ “The banana is not a fruit, it is a starch because it is composed of a much reduced quantity of water compared to a more classic fruit. gold as we puree our ingredients without adding anything else, we end up with a preparation with a very high percentage of carbohydrates, which we could compare to potatoes or sweet potatoes. His carbohydrate intake is really very interesting, especially in the context of a sustained effort. » 
“Its carbohydrate intake is really very interesting, especially in the context of a sustained effort. »
2/ “The potassium richness banana is also very relevant since it helps revitalize the body, which loses many minerals, especially during long-term efforts. »
3/ “The kiwi – beyond its tangy taste aspect which calms the sweetness of the banana and balances the whole – plays the role powerful antioxidant by its high vitamin C content and thus contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. »
4/ “To be completely frank, vanilla has no nutritional virtues strictly speaking (Smile). It's there for the taste! But we know how much pleasure is essential as a source of motivation when we produce an effort…”
5/ “Finally, as in all Baouw, we have added to this recipe a subtle touch of olive oil produced by our small producer Chris&Olive, for its exceptional quality as well as its contribution in “good” lipids and antioxidants. »


Condensed of our values ​​and our know-how, fruit of the request of the Baouwers, the Banana-Kiwi-Vanilla puree perfectly completes our range of energy compotes by offering a product particularly adapted to intense efforts. With its high carbohydrate content, our new recipe is an organic, natural and tasty alternative to energy gels.
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