Ar3 - Joints (60 Capsules): 1 + 1 Free - Best before 31.05.2020
Consume preferably before: 31-05-2020 The joints may experience temporary discomfort through regular sports. The active ingredients of Stimium® Ar3 Joints can support you in your sports practice. 1, 2 Food supplement. Benefits / Effects Boswellia supports flexibility ...
€ 16.90
Immunity Boost Pack
During the winter we are more likely to get sick. The cold, the darkness and the general tiredness make that our body needs an immune strengthening. This Immunity Boost Pack is a great way to strengthen and boost your immune system. This...
€ 54.29 € 43.43
Be-Life - Basic Pack
€ 48.27 € 43.44
Be-Life - Basic Pack
The Basic Pack that every athlete should include in their daily routine, especially in winter. This basic trio of nutritional supplements will help your body maintain the desired level of performance. Magnesium: for energy and Anti-fatigue. Vitamin D: ...
€ 48.27 € 43.44
Be-Life - Strength & Flexibility Pack
Ensure your joint comfort and muscle recovery after exercise with this pack: L-Carnitin: recovery after exercise in athletes Collagen - Hyaluronic acid: lubrication of joints This pack contains: 1x - Be-Life L-Carnitin 650+ (180 Capsules) 1x - Be-Life HydraFlex (60 ...
€ 57.99 € 52.19
Be-Life - Strength & Anti-Inflammation Pack
Ensure your recovery after exercise with this pack: L-Carnitin: recovery after exercise in turmeric athletes: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory joints, digestion This pack contains: 1x - Be-Life L-Carnitin 650+ ( 180 Capsules) 1x - Be-Life Curcuma Magnum 3200 BIO + Piperine (60 Capsules) ...
€ 59.48 € 53.53
MC3 - Recovery (32 sticks)
Oral recovery and fatigue management stick. Stimium Recovery Mc3 is used in training, competition, preparation, during the season or in resumption of physical activity ... To be used before and after each training / competition, reduces muscle fatigue, stiffness and ...
€ 24.90 € 19.90
Ctrl3 (60 Capsules + 40 Capsules)
Weight control 1. As part of your physical preparation, weight control can be an element to take into account1. Dietary supplement. Benefits / Effects Nopal contributes to fat metabolism and helps in weight control ...
€ 27.90 € 22.30
Stimium - Shape Pack
€ 64.70 € 49.90
Stimium - Shape Pack
The Stimium Fitness Pack 1,2,3 provides a base of food supplements to ensure your sporting season in well-being. This Pack contains: 1x Stimium - Ar3 Joints 1x Stimium - Ox3 Antioxidant 1x Stimium - Im3 Immune Defenses +1 Stimium canister - free 1 Le ...
€ 64.70 € 49.90
Ar3 - Joints (60 Capsules) - Best before 31.05.2020
Best before: 31-05-2020. The joints may experience temporary discomfort through regular sports. The active ingredients of Stimium® Ar3 Joints can support you in your sports practice. 1, 2 Food supplement. Benefits / Effects Boswellia supports flexibility ...
€ 16.90 € 11.83
Im3 - Immune Defenses (14 Flasks)
Your immune system is the first protection against external aggressions. Adapted nutrients can help the body by acting on the natural defenses and help reduce fatigue, for example as part of regular exercise.
€ 20.90 € 16.70
Ox3 Antioxidant Drink (500ml)
Maintaining a normal acid-base balance (thanks to Zinc) and protecting your cells against oxidative stress (thanks to Selenium) is necessary for athletes who follow training. Stimium® OX3 Antioxidant contributes to it by allowing the body to evacuate waste ...
€ 21.90 € 17.50
Vital - Erasers for Vitality (3x5)
Combined with your daily workouts, the active ingredients in Stimium® Vital1 help you maintain your vitality and feel fit.1 Ginseng helps support the vitality of the body1 Ginseng contributes to the body's resistance to stress. ..
€ 6.30 € 5.00
Stimium - Discovery Pack - Best before 30.04.2020
Consume preferably before: 30-04-2020. The best pack to discover stimium, a brand supported by scientific research and proven results. This Pack contains: 12x stimium Recovery MC3 sticks 1x Orange Boost (5 Energy Erasers) 1x Pro Energy (5 ...
€ 24.90 € 13.69
Sharpening pack - choice of taste
Fit muscles and a sharp body are the foundations of performance. If you need to lose a little fat while keeping your muscle mass in order to improve your performance, this is the perfect pack for you.This pack contains: 1x ...
€ 95.79 € 76.63
Organic Spirulina (300 Tablets)
Ideal complement for the sportsman, spirulina supports the resistance of the organization and the immune defenses. It also contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Promotes resistance Strengthens vitality and maintains tone Contributes to the maintenance of ...
€ 22.90
Antioxidant (60 Capsules)
Be-Life Antioxidant helps fight against oxidative stress which accelerates cell aging. This formula combines several powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, and makes them act in synergy with ...
€ 18.99
Mineral Vit Magnum (60 Capsules)
Complex of 26 plants, minerals and vitamins Fatigue periods 26 plants, minerals and vitamins to energize your days With this unique synergy created by the Bio-Life laboratory, you have solid assets to get back in great shape. Mineral salts...
€ 18.50
500 BIO Spirulina (500 Tabs)
How about recharging the batteries? You follow the training sessions, you are out for injury… or you recover less quickly because the age advances ;-)? We have selected this recipe for you to recharge your protein, ...
€ 40.99
Turmeric Magnum 3200 BIO + Piperine (60 Capsules)
Joints - Digestion - Anti-oxidant - Anti-Inflammation The effectiveness of real Indian turmeric Your digestion needs a little stimulant? Are your joints under severe strain? Get inspired by the age-old oriental method by trusting turmeric, a plant whose ...
€ 21.49
Magnesium Quatro 900 (60 Capsules)
Energy - Anti-fatigue A unique formula bringing together three complementary magnesium salts: All Be-Life magnesium products offer this mineral in the form of highly assimilable salts. The Magnesium Quatro 900 is composed of three different magnesium salts, which has the advantage of offering ...
€ 17.29
Fe (Iron + Vit B9 - B12) (60 Capsules)
Iron, Vitamins B9 and B12 help build blood and reduce fatigue. The importance of iron for our body is linked to its action in the construction and renewal of blood. When is it necessary ...
€ 13.29
Ca Mg K - Calcium-Magnesium-Potassium (60 Capsules)
For proper muscle functioning (Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) and the nervous system (Magnesium and Potassium) Take care of your muscles ... and also your nervous system! Three essential minerals combined equally to improve your muscle tone and ...
€ 15.99
Vitamin B12 Plus (90 Capsules)
Vitality - Nervous System Exceptional synergy of Vitamin B12 with Vitamin B9 in their active form. Provides 120% of the Vitamin B12 AR in the highly assimilable form of methylcobalamin. Active components: Vit. B12 (methylcobalamin) ...
€ 13.99
Vit C 500 Neutral (90 Capsules)
Non-acidic Vitamin C - Neutral PH Vitamin C contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and the reduction of fatigue The ideal boost to get back in shape A high concentration of vitamin C (more ...
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