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After months of work, Baouw Organic Nutrition is happy to announce the arrival of new products, and not just any: mixed nuts. Three recipes that respond to one desire: to offer you the rawest source of energy possible to go play outside preserving your health.
Dried fruit mixes break the codes. How ? By the principle, simple: harvest the quality ingredients that nature places at our disposal and associate them, with taste and foresight, in order to make real small sports nutrition bombs. Whether you are a fan of trail, bike, hike, trek, bivouac or ski; whether you practice the mountain for performance, pleasure or adventure; these new mixtures of dried fruits constitute the natural source of energy most reliable, most practical and most pure you will find in sports nutrition!
Here are 12 reasons that will prove it to you!


Reason #1: There is no such thing as a rawer, more natural source of energy...

" The bars et energy compotes Baouw already claim a composition no added sugar, without additives et without dyes. Of 100% natural recipes the opposite of current sports nutrition, which gives pride of place to chemistry rather than cooking. For the mixed nuts, Baouw went even further: towards truer and more authentic, eliminating yet another processing step: here, there are no chemicals, no cooking, no kneading, only the brute force of the ingredients that nature offers as they are. The advantages of this pure naturalness? Controlled blood sugar to avoid hypoglycaemia et optimal digestion in order to avoid the risk of stomach aches during exercise. Another detail that is also important: all the ingredients selected are certified Organic and therefore come from an agriculture that respects the environment »

Reason n°2: Raw energy acclaimed by athletes in search of performance...

Fanny, the Baouw product manager who is at the origin of the product, is enthusiastic about the genesis of this new product: "During a round table bringing together our athletes, they expressed the affection they to Dried fruit, which they consumed on a daily basis, whether in training or in competition. They considered dried fruits as one of the basics of their diet. With only one criticism: the omnipresence of raisins and oilseeds such as almonds or nuts of poor quality. It tilted. We decided to listen to them! »

Reason n°3: An inspiration from Yoann Conte 

The dried fruit mixes are suitable for high-level Baouwers – those who aim for the podiums and challenge the times – but also for nomadic adventurers who, like you, just enjoy playing outside, on a hike, a trek or a bivouac. Moreover, these new snacks are inspired by the "homemade" preparations made by Yoann Conte, the starred chef Baouw, passionate about mountaineering, on his return from his mountain trips, pretexts to pick up everything appetizing he came across. on his way.

Reason 4: An innovation in the sports nutrition market

Once again, it is Fanny, at the head of this development, who seems to be in the best position to guide you: "Dried fruits in bulk are very trendy, in particular the 'Mendiant' and 'Student' mixtures, but very often classic and redundant. When our athletes brought us the idea, we decided to interpret it in our own way, creating mixes that come out of the ordinary, in particular by refraining from using these raisins that are found everywhere for their low cost! ".  

Reason n°5: Practicality as a keyword

In the classic circuit, we often find dried fruits in bulk, or in large volumes where it is advisable to plunge the hand with greed. Baouw wanted to break the codes and invent a format more appropriate to the practice of sport : a 30 gram sachet that you take directly to your mouth, without getting your hands dirty, and which is consumed in the form of a shot. The opportunity, therefore, to pay rounds to friends.

Reason n°6: The Baouw signature

The mixed nuts were born, like the bars et energy compotes before them, a "game of ping-pong" between the starred chef, Yoann Conte, and the nutrition expert, Benoit Nave. "But a game with 2 winners" hastens to specify the second, "since it is a question of finding a balance between the creative ideas advanced in the kitchen and those more scientific, in connection with the nutritional contributions that I recommend.. .”. The ping pong game eventually resulted in three original recipes, who are " surprising and tasty “, with at the heart of these: 
  • unusual fruit : mango, wild blackberry and wild strawberry. 
  • High quality oilseeds : cashew nuts, hazelnuts and almonds.
  • Flowers and spices that make our signature unique : green tea, hibiscus and rose hips.
  • All connected by this olive oil at the origin of a harmony and singular roundness, which one finds in all the Baouw!

Reason 7: A high intake of carbohydrates, naturally anti-inflammatory 

Do you love dried fruit and never be asked to dip your hand into the jar a second time? No guilt to have, you are doing well! Benoit Nave is positive: “ Dried fruits are extremely good for the health, moreover that of the sportsman or the adventurer ". They provide a substantial contribution in terms of carbohydrates, these essential nutrients for the effort. And consuming them raw, without processing, maximizes their naturally basifying property, and thus reduce the risk of inflammation and therefore of injury, of the athlete.

Reason #8: Little Antioxidant Bombs  

Rich in carbohydrates, naturally anti-inflammatory, dried fruits also constitute small antioxidant bombs. And even more those that Baouw has selected. The choice of wild strawberries and blackberries is not insignificant. These “wild” fruits grew “the hard way”. Unlike fruits grown in a greenhouse, wild strawberries and blackberries have had to face sometimes difficult conditions, developing natural defenses synonymous with richness in antioxidants. The mango and red fruits that you will find in these 3 recipes are thus revealed very dense in polyphenols, these fundamental antioxidants in the protection of cells, microbiota and more generally the human body against pollution.

Reason n°9: All the fat and protein intake you need

Dried fruits are not the only elements of the mixture to present a strong nutritional interest: oilseeds and olive oil provide the protein and lipids which you will need in the mountains. Benoit is categorical on this subject: "What matters is the balance of the nutritional profile of our products. To not miss anything first. To avoid slack then, by compositions with a moderate glycemic index ".

Reason 10: 100% recyclable packaging

The question of format and practicality necessarily raises questions about the packaging. Aware of the distance that remains to be covered to become irreproachable, Baouw has opted for 100% recyclable packaging in the yellow bin, continuing to work in parallel to find even more responsible solutions on this aspect.

Reason n°11: Blends designed in France!

In the continuity of this eco-responsible logic, Baouw made it a point of honor to make these mixtures in France, even if it meant investing in a new machine, capable of evenly distributing the ingredients and balancing the flavors in each recipe. This technical problem is the main reason explaining the length of this development. 

Reason n°12: Unanimity, from the first tasting

This is a rare enough fact to be underlined, but which constitutes a perfect point of conclusion: never had a product generated such a plebiscite from the first attempts! Indeed, from the first batches out of Yoann Conte's kitchens, from the first tastings - whereas usually, it takes several round trips before finding the right recipe - our blends have been unanimously approved by all our test panel made up of athletes and consumers!


"At Baouw, no recipe is the result of chance. Indeed, each new recipe is the result of a creative idea from our chef, followed by a long design work, in his kitchens". Yoann Conte tells the story of these 3 dried fruit mixes.


"I'm not making this up. It is nature that spontaneously offers me ideas. You just have to be attentive to the associations it makes. In a way, 'happy marriages' are those that exist in the wild. This is how this recipe was born. Wild strawberries remind me of my pickings as a child, in Chamonix and on Mont Veyrier. I had observed that it grew next to rose hips and meadowsweet, whose taste is very close to that of almonds. The mixture could therefore only work since it flourishes as such in the mountains. »


“For this recipe, I let my imagination wander. It evokes in me an emotion of travel, an exotic journey, a journey that does good in our daily lives. Again, it seems to me harmonious and respectful of nature since these three elements have the same native, tropical land. »


“These three ingredients coexist in their natural state and form a small, very balanced ecosystem. The wild blackberry stands out for its tangy taste. It was therefore necessary to associate it with a flower bringing a similar touch: the hibiscus. These dried fruit mixes are not sweets, they are not designed to be eaten on the sofa, but in the mountains, in action, during an outing or a hike. It is at this moment that they provide real emotion, an emotional memory. »
This article is from the Baouw Blog 
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